Innes Wilson - Vice Captaincy Bid 2018

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Innes Wilson - Vice Captaincy Bid 2018 Empty Innes Wilson - Vice Captaincy Bid 2018

Post by IWilson on Mon Aug 28, 2017 9:43 pm

Hi everyone,
I'd like to officially put my name forward for Vice-Captain for ETC 2018.

After coaching for the 2017 Team, I think I have the capacity to be an asset to the team with regards to pairings, list development and testing, and working with the team to promote and develop the competitive community in Scotland, as well as the Team's social media (Primarily Facebook) presence.

I'm active on the tournament scene both in Scotland and the wider UK, generally play 1-2 games a week of 40k and keep up with the meta and community where I can. I worked with Bernard on the pairings at the ETC this year, and will hopefully be able to transfer some of that to next year now that Bernard has stood down, and will be able to help both Tim and this year's coach out with that. I was responsible for the Facebook updates round by round from this year, and would like to see that improve, and also be expanded to more events that Team Scotland is in attendance at. I'd like to keep a plan of having the team be active on social media sharing information about events and ongoings in the community in order to help the team be a positive influence in the Scottish 40k Scene.

In short, I would like to:
Work with the team on developing lists and understanding the meta
Represent the team on social media and at events in an official capacity
Work with the Tim on team issues, and help out where I can.
Continue to develop the Scotland Rankings and encourage as many community members as possible to put themselves forward

Thanks for your consideration,


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